Our Story

The story of God of Mining started in early 2021 when two brothers bought their first mining rig. They were amazed by the technology and the effortless income stream. Realizing that everyone around them wanted to start mining and went to them for advice…

Joe and Elie came up with the idea of starting the first official Crypto-mining company in Lebanon. Since our founding, we have grown tremendously, with a team who operates as family to deliver an extraordinary service to more than 3,500 customers.

Mr. Joe manih
Founder of gom

mr. elie manih
co-founder of gom


In God of Mining, we believe in the future of digital currencies, and we love being part of this growing community. Our ultimate goal and vision is to become a global leader in the industry of Crytpo-mining. To do that, we are willing to face challenges and make adjustments to provide premium quality with an outstanding service.

Check out our very first custom made crypto-mining machine.

GOM Entry Hall

First Location before the Expanding

Why us?

To guarantee long-term customer satisfaction, we have a full team of professionals ready to do it all!

  • Free consultation with our experts
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Full rig assembly
  • Housing centers (farms)
  • After-sale support
  • Insurance
  • Warranty and return policy
Your utmost satisfaction is our priority.

P.s This is one of our very first videos!

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